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This article should help you installing EQdkp Plus on your Windows Server.


You can install the Apache Webserver on Windows. By default, the ThreadStackSize is for Windows Installations of Apache lower than the Linux ones. Therefore you have to adjust the ThreadStackSize. This has to be done at the file httpd.conf.

Search for ThreadStackSize and increase it to 8388608. If you cannot find ThreadStackSize, add the following to the httpd.conf.

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8388608

Do not forget to restart the Apache Webserver after changes.


IIS is the default webserver of Windows. You have to adjust some settings to let EQdkp Plus run without problems.


  • CGI should be prefered over FastCGI. FastCGI causes problems.
  • Switch to the latest PHP versions 5.6 or 7.0

Error Reporting

Windows ignores our error reporting settings. The php error reporting should be disabled, because otherwise warnings and notices (which can be ignored) are shown inside of the EQdkp Plus.


You can download the XAMPP Package for Windows from Apache Friends. This package brings Apache Webserver, MySQL Database and PHP. While this package is recommended for developing purposes, you should not use it for hosting your EQdkp Plus installation in the public internet.