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This section will describe the different settings of the RLI.
== General ==
* How should the raids be created?
* raid note of the raids per hour
* In which XML-Format is the string?
* Deactivate Adjustments? - This removes partially gain of DKP per member! Everyone gets all or nothing!
* Itempools can be saved per item and event. - At the item-import-page the itempool can be saved for all displayed items. On the next import of the raid the itempool is automatically selected for that item.
* Dont show warnings on deletion?
* Create zones automatically, if they don't exist
* Create bosses automatically, if they don't exist
* Calculation of Timedkp - 0: exact calculation per minute ; >0: minutes, after the member gains full dkp of the hour
* Delimiter between the Strings, which belong to one "event". - some Tracker allow comment for adjustments
* Time in seconds, the loot belongs to the boss before.
* Ignore disenchanted and bank loot?
* Which DKP shall be used?
** Boss-DKP - gives DKP for each boss (set at boss/zone management or during import)
** Time-DKP - uses DKP for the attendance time (set at boss/zone management or during import)
** Event-DKP - give DKP for a raid (set during import)
* Exists an event for each boss?
* Add autocomplete function to the following fields?
== Member Settings ==
* Default rank for automatic created members. - select the default rank

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