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* These are not all files. Some plugins require more protected folders
* Check all folders that have a .htaccess files with "Deny all" content. These folders have to be protected.
** data/<HASH>/tmp** data/<HASH>/repository** data/<HASH>/live_update** data/<HASH>/cache** data/<HASH>/eqdkp/backup** data/<HASH>/eqdkp/timekeeper** data/<HASH>/eqdkp/config** data/<HASH>/eqdkp/rss
<source lang="yaml">
location ~ /data/c3338889c07ac363fc08bc715b22c59c/cache eqdkp/(backup|timekeeper|config|rss) {
deny all;
location ~ /data/c3338889c07ac363fc08bc715b22c59c/eqdkp/(backuptmp|timekeeperrepository|configlive_update|cache) { deny all; } location ~ /data/c3338889c07ac363fc08bc715b22c59c/tmp {
deny all;

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