Restore Admin User

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Sometimes it's neccessary to create a new admin user using the Database, if e.g. the old admin has left the guild.

To create a new admin user, the following steps should be done:

  • Register a new User in EQdkp Plus
  • Use a database maintenance tool like phpMyAdmin (some hosting provider are providing other tools). Go to the table named eqdkp10_user (The prefix eqdkp10_ can be different, that depends on your installation). Search in Column "username" for the name of the newly registered user. Note the number of the user_id column of this user.
  • Go to the table eqdkp10_groups_users. Execute the following SQL Query:
INSERT INTO eqdkp10_groups_users (group_id, user_id, grpleader) VALUES (2, <USER_ID>, 1);

Maybe you have to adjust the Table Prefix eqdkp10_, and replace the <USER_ID> with your noted user_id from Step 2.