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To use all features of EQdkp Plus, you need an user account. Therefore, you have to create a new user account at the registration page.

If your guild uses a board and has connected it with EQdkp Plus, you have to register a new account at the board, as EQdkp Plus then uses the data from the board.

Registration en.png

You need the following information to create a new account:

  • Username, will be displayed and used for login
  • Email address, where you get notifications or you can reset your password
  • Password - we recommend a secure - means long - password, which you don't use at other sites
  • Language - select your prefered language
  • Timezone - select your timezone, so the dates will be shown with the correct time

If the administrator has enabled external services, they help you filling out the fields, e.g. Facebook. Just click on the Button. You will get asked about permissions, and after that, some fields will be filled out. Just select a password and submit the registration form.

Depending on the Settings, you will get an Email with a Link you have to click, or an administrator has to confirm your registration. Only if you clicked the link or the administrator has confirmed your account, you are able to login.