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Object relations in EQdkp Plus

MultiDKP Pools

At least one MultiDKP Pool is required. Everything is organized in MultiDKP Pools. You can create different MultiDKP Pools, to assign different events and therefore have different views on the leaderboard and point table.


A MultiDKP Pool has:

  • at least one Itempool
  • at least one Event


Events can be bound to one or more MultiDKP Pools. You can create as much events as you want. Events are used for Calendarevents, and for raids. Normally, they represent bosses or other actions.


Items are assigned to Itempools. Therefore you need at least one. Itempools can be bound to one or more MultiDKP Pools.

Auto point adjustments

Auto point adjustments can influence the points of a char. For more information see Berechnungsfunktionen

DKP Points

You can give DKP Points for the following objects:


An item is something the chars buys at the game, means that the value of the item is subtracted from the char's points. An item is also bound to an itempool, and therefore bound to a MultiDKP Pool.


You can give points for a raid. This is a positive value that gets added to the char's points. A raid is bound to an event, and therefore bound to a MultiDKP Pool.


Adjustments value can be positive (e.g. if a Char is on time), or negative (e.g. if a char is not on time). An adjustment can be bound to a raid, but this is not required. Nevertheless, a event must be assigned for the adjustment, where the adjustments gets the bound to the MultiDKP pool.

Current Points

Depending on your Lootsystem, the current DKP value is calculated on Items, Raids and Adjustments.


There is a difference between Twinks and Mains. If you select at the main settings to show twinks, then each characters gets his own points. Each character is displayed and its own points are displayed. If twinks are not shown, only the main chars are displayed, and the points of all twinks and the main are summed up.