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Currently, the following DKP systems are supported (Earned = Raids; Spent=Items)

  • Normal DKP (Current = Earned - Spent + Adjustments)
  • Effective DKP = (Earned - Spent + Adjustments) * Attendance in Time Period
  • EPGP: Prio = EP / GP
  • Suicide Kings Bottom = Suicide victim drops to last place in list.
  • Suicide Kings Fixed = Raid attendees change positions with eachother.
  • Suicide Kings = Suicide victim drops behind last raid attendee
  • Zero Sum = Sum of all DKP is always Zero. Spent DKP will be distributed between other members
  • NoPoints

Also, it is possible using the Auto Point Adjustments (APA) to add decay for the current standing, or for Raids, Adjustments or Items.