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Install EQdkp Plus



  • php Version 5.6 and greater
  • MySQL-Database version 5 and greater
  • At least 64 MB RAM for PHP, better 128 MB and more


  • zLib enabled (zip)
  • safemode disabled (recommended, otherwise you can use the FTP-Mode)
  • curl enabled
  • fopen enabled
  • autoload enabled
  • openssl enabled (optional)
  • json Support
  • mb_string enabled


  • First, Download a EQdkp Plus Package: Download
  • Unzip the Package on your local PC
  • Upload the two files (one zip-Archive and one file named install.php) into the desired folder of your webspace.
  • Open the install.php with your browser. If you had uploaded the files into the folder "eqdkp", you have to browse to
  • Now the package will be unzipped and you will redirected to the Installer of EQdkp Plus
  • If the package can't be unzipped, you have to unzip the uploaded archive on your local PC und upload all unzipped files to the desired folder of your webspace.
  • First, the Requirements of your server will be checked
  • If php safemode is enabled or you don't want to give folders writing permissions, you can activate the FTP-Mode. Ask your Hoster for the FTP Credentials.
  • Create a random Encryption-Key that you should store securly. With this Key, critical information will be stored encrypted, like your users' Email-Addreses.
  • Next, insert the Database-Credentials provided by your Hoster.
  • Now select the game and some other settings. All settings can be changed after the installation, too.

Please also see the article File- and Folderpermissions


In the Admin Panel of EQdkp Plus, you will find the Settings Page. There you can change many things. Some examples:

  • Change your Game and gamespecific settings, like Servername, ...
  • Registration of Users
  • Disable Points
  • Points format, round Settings
  • Debug Mode (see Debugging)
  • Email Settings
  • Calendar Settings

Extensions (Plugins, Modules, Templates, ...)

Extensions are:

  • Plugins
  • Portal modules
  • Templates
  • Games
  • Languages

All this extensions can be managed from the Extension Management Page in your Admin Area. Some useful Plugins:

  • EPGP Import: Imports Logs from the World of Warcraft EPGP Addon
  • Raidlogimport (RLI): Imports Raidlogs from several Games. This makes giving points much easier.


To create a portal that fits your need and look as you want, you can adjust several things:

  • Portal Modules: like Twitter, Next Raids, Next Birthdays etc. Can be managed at "Manage Portallayout" Page.
  • Articles: Can be used for static Sites as Guild Rules, or for News etc. - "Article Management"
  • Menus: Order the links as you want, create new links: "Menu Management"
  • Tables: Remove or add colums to almost every table - "Table- & Pointsmanagement"

Also, take a look at the Templates at the "Extension Management", Template-Tab.


Check regularly for new Versions of EQdkp Plus at our Page. This is done automatically by EQdkp Plus, and new Versions will be shown in Admin Area. In the Maintenance Area, you will find all Updates, Fixes, etc.

For more information about Version Updates, please see Version Update

Points or no points

If you don't want to use points, you can disable them at the Settings Page. Also, you should select the "nopoints"-Layout at "Table- & Pointsmanagement"

Point System

If you want to use another Point Layout then the default one, like EPGP, SKS, Zero Sum, you can change it at the "Table- & Pointsmanagement". Also, you can modify the columns when editing your selected Pointlayout.

Point Settings

Settings like Point name, rounding settings can be done at the General Settings Page. Some other specific settings can be set by editing the Pointlayout.

Auto Point Adjustments

To give user startpoints, or add Decay, you can add an "Automatic Point Adjustment".

Twinks or no Twinks

In Settings, you can choose wheater you want have twinks to be shown or not. If Twinks are shown, than every Twink has it's own Deposit. If Twinks are not Shown, the Maincharacter gets all points from its Twinks.

From Raid Signin to distribution of Points


Calendarevents should be used to plan the team for an Event. You can set the distribution (class, role or none), select the event, start date, maximum signup time, etc. Commonly, these Calendarevents are called "Raids". The User can choose if he wants to back, or can sign in or off etc.

The Raidleader can confirm the characters he wants to take with him to the Event.

Export Raid Data

You can export the data of Calendarevents to use them ingame, e.g. for autoinvite.* Use the menu on the right top of an Calendarevent to "Export Raid Data".

* If supported by your game

Export Points to ingame

To Export the current point standings for ingame use, use the Export Page in Admin Area.

Also, there is a specific tool for export the Data for World of Warcraft: JDKP

Point Distribution

There are some different possibilities to distribute points.

Import Ingame Raidlog

If your Game has an ingame addon that tracks Raids, you can use the EQdkp Plus Plugin "Raidlogimport" where you can add the Raidlog. We will see the information provides by the Raidlog and can tweak all, before the data will be transformed to Items, Raids and Adjustments. Therefore you can call RLI the "Easy Raid Insert" Plugin.

Convert Calendarevent to Raid

Also, you can convert an Calendarevent to an Raid. Use the menu on the right top of the Calendarevent for this. This helps you settings the event and characters at the Raid Creation Page.

Manually add Raid, Items and Adjustments

Moreover, you can add manually an raid, item or adjustment.

  • Raid Points: If a Character participates at a raid, he gets credits for, the Raid Points. Therefore, Raid Points will be added as a plus to a Chars Deposit.
  • Item Points: If a Character gets an item, he has to buy it and spend credits. Therefore, the Item Points will be taken from the Chars Deposit.
  • Adjustments: To reward or punish Characters, or something else, you can use Adjustments. Adjustments can be positive (if they should be added) or negative (if they should be taken from the deposit)

Add Characters

If a user Registers at EQdkp Plus, he has only an user account. But a user account can't have a deposit or signup at Calendarevents. He needs an Character. There are some possibilities to add an character:

  • On their own, accessing the personal Character Page. Here, the user can add Chars, and set the Mainchar and Default Roles of their Chars.
  • Admins can add characters on the Character Management Page
  • Guild Import: If it's supported by the game, you can import the whole guild from the Settings Page, Game-Tab.