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This article should help you writing articles for the EQdkp Plus Wiki.

Content Formatting

See for more help


  • You should write the articles in english language before translating, because english is the base language of this wiki.
  • Wrap the whole content inside <translate>...</translate> tags as shown below tags as shown below
Fréttinga is a small municipality in MungoLand, located on the BaMungo island.
It hosts a population of about 400 people. It has some agriculture and fishing.
Tourists like to visit it in the summer time.

== Services ==

It doesn't have many services. There is a shop and car ferry visits the island
from mainland once a day.
  • After saving the page, you will see a link at the top of the page saying "Mark this page for translation" - or "This page contains changes which are not marked for translation." if you are not a translation administrator. The page has been automatically split into four translation units. The first unit is the title of the page, the second is the first paragraph, the third is the header of the second paragraph, and the fourth is the text of the second paragraph. These are the basics items of translatable pages: each unit is independent; it can and must be translated as a whole; changes to the page content are tracked into the unit level. Units can be rearranged or deleted.
  • Click the "Mark this page for translation" link
  • Ensure that the page body is split into three units correctly
  • Click the "Mark this version for translation" button
  • Return to the page
  • Add the Tag <languages /> at the top if it is not present

Making changes to translated articles

Make some additions as highlighted above

  • Click the "marked for translation" link at the top
  • Observe the changes
  • Click the "Mark for translation" button
  • Return to the original page

If you made translations as suggested in the previous step, you can now see those translations linked at the top of the page. You will also see that the translation is not 100 % up to date. If you look at the translated version, you will see the new paragraph in English, and the changed paragraphs are replaced with the English text. If you go to the translation view, you see that the unit is marked as in need of updating