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This article describes how to find the correct settings for sending Emails with EQdkp Plus.

You have three different sending methods:

  • PHP's mail function
  • Sendmail
  • SMTP (recommended)

PHP's mail function

There is nothing you need to configure here at EQdkp Plus. The PHP mail() method needs an running MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) on your webserver. Mails sent from PHP are mostly flagged as SPAM, therefore we recommend using SMTP if your user have problems receiving Emails from EQdkp Plus.


You need to configure the following settings:

  • Path to sendmail: the path were sendmail is installed on your system. Most of the time, it's /usr/bin/sendmail


For sending Emails with SMTP, you need an Email Account at an Email Provider supporting SMTP, like googlemail,,, yahoo, ...

You need to configure the following settings, and your email provider should deliver the data you need to:

  • SMTP host - The IP of the SMTP Server you want to use
  • SMTP Server-Port - The port of the SMTP Server. Default is 25, 465 for SSL, and 587 for TLS.
  • SMTP connection-method - If your SMTP Server supports encryption, you should set the right encryption type
  • SMTP authentication - Set it to true, if your have a user account for sending mails. Most SMTP Server need authentication
  • SMTP user - The username of your Email-Account
  • SMTP password - The password of your Email-Account

Example Configuration for Googlemail:

  • SMTP host -
  • SMTP Server-Port - 587 (because of TLS)
  • SMTP connection-method - STARTTLS
  • SMTP authentication - true
  • SMTP user -
  • SMTP password - yourpassword