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This article should help you debugging occuring errors and to fix them.

Read error logs

To fix an error, you have to know what is the source of this error. Depending on the error, there are more ways to get the log entry.

Debug Mode

The built-in Debug Mode of EQdkp Plus shows and logs the following errors:

  • php notices and warnings
  • SQL errors
  • more internal debug information

The usage of the EQdkp Plus debug mode is helpful if there are errors with the internal functionality of EQdkp Plus, e.g. form values are not saved etc.

You can set the Debug Mode on the Settings Page in EQdkp Plus Admin Area, or by editing the config.php. You have to insert the following code before the closing ?>:

define("DEBUG", 3);


Another important source are error logs.

EQdkp Plus Error Logs

If the EQdkp Plus is working (means no white page and no 503 error), the php errors are logged to the EQdkp Plus Folder "data/MD5HASH/tmp/"

  • php_error.log - Contains php notices and warnings
  • sql_error.log - Contains SQL Error Messages. If an SQL error occures, that can be a sign that some maintenance update is missing.
  • ...

Server Error Logs

If the whole EQdkp Plus System or single Pages don't work (white page; 503 error), there is an error of Type 50x, means an Internal Server Error. In this case, EQdkp Plus cannot log this error, but the server logs this. Therefore you have to take a look at the server error logs. How to get access to this logs differs from Hoster to Hoster. If you don't know it, just contact your Hoster.

When viewing a server error logs, all entries containing "Fatal Error" are relevant, but warnings and notices are not.

Display errors

If there are Internal Server Errors and you don't have access to the server error logs, you can try to activate displaying errors.

Open the file common.php in the root directory of your EQdkp Plus Installation. In Line 43 find

ini_set("display_errors", 0);

and replace it through

ini_set("display_errors", 1);

and save the file. You should now see an error message.

Fix errors

Here are some hints to fix errors.

Correct Cookie Settings

  • Cookie-Domain: take your domain and add a point in front of it, e.g. ""
  • Cookie-Path: leave it empty