Creating a Testsystem

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To create a testsystem, e.g. for testing updates, you can use this guide:

  • Create a new folder for your testsystem, e.g. "beta"
  • Copy all files from your existing installation into the new folder
  • Create a new MySQL database for your testsystem, and copy the whole stable system Database into the newly created database. Your Hoster should give you a tool like phpMyAdmin for this step.
  • Open the newly created Database in phpMyAdmin and to go into the Table "eqdkp10_backup_cnf" (since EQdkp 2.0 "eqdkp20_config"; the first part of the name could be different for you), search for the config_name named "server_path" and adjust the config_value to the path of your beta folder. If your beta folder is reachable at, the server_path must be /beta/
  • Open the config.php located at the root folder of your Testfolder and adjust the database information to the new created database
  • You have to rename the specific subfolder of the data folder, because the name depends on the database name. The name is calculated like this: md5(TableprefixDatabasename), like this: md5(eqdkp10_usr_web_42). To calculate the md5 Hash, you can use a tool like this.
  • Open your Testinstallation in your Browser, it should work now. Happy testing :)