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There are different possibilities, to signup own characters to calendarevents of type "Raid". (For Readleaders see here).


If you open a calendarevent, you have at the top of the page a form, where you can select your character, a role and can leave a note.

Raid signup1 en.png

Also, you can select the status for your signup:

  • Signed up - I have time and want to go
  • Signed off - I have no time
  • Backup - I can go if there are not enough others

If you choosed the status "Signed up", this does not mean that the raidleader will take you with the raid. Only if he sets your character to the status "Confirmed", you will take part at the Raid.

You can also change your raid signup (if the deadline was not reached). Click on "Change signup" to change your status.

Raid signup2 en.png


On the calender page, there is a tab named "Raid list". There you will find all upcoming calendarevents of type "Raid". You can use the checkboxes on the left side to select one or more events. Now fields will appear where you can select your char, role and note. Click on "Sign up" to save your signup for all selected events.

Calendar list en.png


Colored Flags will show you your set status for calendarevents of type "Raid". The colors means:

  • green - confirmed
  • yellow - signed up
  • red - signed off
  • purple - backup
  • no flag = no status set