Itemtooltips for Boards

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It's possible to use the EQdkp Plus' Itemtooltips in other systems, like boards.


Insert the following JavaScript Code into the head area of your board.

<script type='text/javascript' src='URL_TO_YOUR_EQDKP/infotooltip/tooltips.php'></script>


Please note that since EQdkp Plus Version 1.0 the notation [item]ITEMNAME[/item] does not work anymore. The tooltips can be used on each website or board that includes the script shown above. To tell the script which element should be converted to a tooltip, the Itemname must be sourounded with a HTML-Element containing the class "EQdkpTooltip".


<span class="EQdkpTooltip">Axt</span>


<a href="viewitem.php?i=14" class="EQdkpTooltip">Axt</a>

BBCodes for Boards

To integrate the Tooltips to your board, you must create an own BBCode in your board (and don't forget to include the script). Instructions for some boards are following.


Bbcode itt phpbb3.png


Bbcode itt wbb3.png