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= Requirements =
= Requirements =

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Core 2.2.9
dynamictemplate 2.2.0


Require HTML knowledge
Require Template modifcations


Install the DynamicTemplate-Plugin in your Extension Management.

After the Installation, you have one new permission, site and template variable:

  • Permission: Dynamic Template - Main Settings
  • Site: for (admin)user with the permission. Shows all DT-Modules and gives the possibilities to manage those
  • Template variable: The new template variable is {DYNAMICTEMPLATE}
    • Extensible with a DT-Module Name like: {DYNAMICTEMPLATE_MYTESTMODULE}

Manage Dynamic Template

Go to Admin-Panel, Extensions, Dynamic Template to manage the DT-Modules.

Add new module

DynamicTemplate module.jpg

Click on the Button "Add new Module" to add a new DT-Module.

  • Active: Enable or disable this module
  • Variablename: Insert here a Name for the template variable or use a existing template-listener
  • HTML-Code: Insert your HTML Code here

Import / Export all modules

Import: Click on the Button "Import" and copy your import-string into the textarea field, then press Import.
Export: Click on the Button "Import" and copy your import-string from the textarea field.

Sort / Delete a module

You can sort a module per Drag&Drop.
You can delete a module per click on the trashcan.

Modify a template

Modify your template with:

  • DT-Plugin installed request
  • DT-Module with your content

DT-Plugin installed request

Insert follow Code into your template:
<!-- IF DYNAMICTEMPLATE --> show when DT installed <!-- ENDIF -->
<!-- IF not DYNAMICTEMPLATE --> show when DT not installed <!-- ENDIF -->

Integreate a DT-Module

Insert follow Code into your template:
But instead of MY_MODULE_NAME use you the Variablename of your DT-Module like:

Else you can use a existing template-listener, then you don't need template changes.

DynamicTemplate modify.jpg