Change folder structure

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  • Move the whole EQdkp Plus installation folder (all files and subfolders) to your desired path
  • Navigate to the new path. The new path will be detected automatically and adjusted in the database
  • Adjust the new folder in your .htaccess file, if used

Manual adjustment of path in Database

If the correct path was not determined, you can adjust it at the database.

UPDATE eqdkp23_config SET config_value='/eqdkp/' WHERE config_name='server_path' AND config_plugin='core';

Adjust the Table-Prefix "eqdkp23_config" to the one of your installation.

After you made this change, you have to delete the file data/<MD5HASH>/eqdkp/config/localconfig.php or data/eqdkp/config/localconfig.php.

Adjustment of .htaccess

If you use SEO URLs, you should adjust the RewriteBase according to your folder. See the SEO article for more information.