Auto Point Adjustments (APA)

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APA Types

Maximum Points (Repeating)

Maximum Points (Hard)

Decay on current

Decay on Raids,Items and Adjustments

Onetime Adjustment

As the name states, a calculation function will be executed only once. Select MultiDKP and Event, as the Onetime Adjustment will be saved as an Adjustment for the characters. Per default, only the total standings of the user are considered (mains), if you want to apply the onetime adjustment to all chars (Main+Twinks), hit the option.

Start Points

Give starting points to your characters. All created characters after the start-date will get the named points. If you want that all characters will get the start points, select the appropriate option.

  • Start date: Only chars created/first raid after this date will be considered
  • Give Startpoints also to Chars that have been created/had their first raid before the Startdate : all your chars will get the start points
  • Event : The Event which should be used. Make sure that it is in the correct MultiDKP Pool.
  • Value : Number of Startpoints
  • Give Startpoints on Char-creation : chars will get the start points when they are created, otherwise the first raid date is used
  • Give Startpoints also to Twinks : if "off", only the main will get the startpoints and no twink

Calculation Functions


  • 5% Decay
value * 0.95
  • 10% Decay
value * 0.90
  • 20% Decay for everything over 100 points
var1 = value - 100
points = (var1 > 0) ? ((var1*0.8)+100) : value;


  • value = current value of DKP
  • date = creation date of Raid/Item/Adjustment
  • ref_date = date of the current calculation